Behaviour Policy

The most important principle for all of us in school is - 'Everyone will act with courtesy and consideration to others at all times.'

Classrooms are the children's places of work. For the health and safety of everyone, there needs to be clearly understood rules and expectations to allow everyone to work successfully, safely and enjoyably.

We have 3 main rules, these are:

1. Please do as you are told

2. Please be caring.

3. Please be polite.

The principles of the 3 rules are as follows:

1. Always try to understand other people's point of view (even if we don't share it).

2. Make it as easy as possible for everyone to learn and for the teacher to teach in class time. (This means arriving on time with everything that is needed for that day e.g. P.E. kit etc. listening carefully, following instructions, helping each other when appropriate and being quiet and sensible at all times.)

3. Move gently and quietly about the school. (This means never running, barging or shouting, but being ready to help by opening doors, standing back to let people pass and helping to carry things.)

4. Always speak politely to everyone and use a low voice. (Shouting is always discourteous).

5. Listen attentively whenever we are required to.

6. Keep the school clean and tidy so that it is a welcoming place of which we can all be proud. (This means putting all litter in the bins provided, keeping walls and furniture clean and unmarked and taking great care of the displays, particularly of other people's work.)

7. When out of school, whether on your own or with a school group, you always remember that the school's reputation depends on the way you behave.

Expectations in the classroom and school

Children are expected to arrive at school on time, i.e. before the bell at 0855.

If you arrive late, you must report to the office, so your name can be marked in the register.


Children should arrive for school neatly dressed in full school uniform. Please note only stud earrings are to be worn in school – no other jewellery. Sensible school shoes are to be worn throughout the year. Crocks and other inappropriate footwear are not permitted.

Any money sent into school must be in a wallet, purse or envelope and be clearly marked with the child's name and class.

Start of Lessons

When the bell sounds, wait by your classroom door until your teacher asks you to come into class.

Hang up your coat

Put any bags away

Please remain silent during the register (except when your name is called.)

During Lessons

When your teacher talks to the whole class, remain silent, listen and concentrate.

If the class is asked a question, put up your hand to answer: do not call out.

You are expected to work sensibly with your classmates: do not distract or annoy them.