Educational Visits

School visits are organised to enhance ongoing topics or themes which the children are studying. With the increasing costs of admission fees to attractions and coach fares, staff endeavour to base as many visits as possible within the local area. This will help the children to understand their ‘sense of place’, within the community. They will also explore the reasons why historically and geographically local towns and villages have developed through the years. It is not our intention to have less visits, but to make them more affordable to all.

We will still be having paid trips in which we hope everyone will make a voluntary contribution. If everyone does not contribute then there is a likelihood the trip will not be able to go ahead.

Parental help: We always welcome parents to come and help with trips. If you feel you have the time to help with a trip, please could you try and let us have your name in advance.

Behaviour on trips: As part of the behaviour agreement, we would expect children’s behaviour to be of the highest standard. If we find a child cannot behave correctly in school, we may need to discuss with parents, our concerns before taking them on any visit, for their own health and safety and also that of others.

This form has been produced for parents/guardians of young people to complete with regard to visits and journeys and gives the necessary authority to the school to take your child on visits. Please note that in signing this form your rights are not affected in any way.

I wish my son/daughter to be allowed to take part in school visits and trips.

1. I consent to any emergency medical treatment required by my children during the course of the visit.

2. I confirm that my child does not suffer from any medical condition requiring regular treatment OR my child suffers from ……..……………………. requiring treatment (eg. diabetes, asthma). If your child suffers from a particular complaint, please enclose a letter giving details of the complaint and its treatment.

3. I consent to my child travelling on contracted transport with seat belts.

Please click on the link below to download this information and the consent slip.